Water Lifting Bore well Reciprocating Compressor Pump

Columbia borewell water lifting compressor pump for agriculture, factories, housing complexes, domestic and for many more applications with a simple method. Compressor pressure lift the water from 150 feets to maximum 950 feets . These pumps are suited for continuous operations with a low power consumption. Special type compressor also available (Double bed type)

Salient Features:

Robust in construction
High operating efficiency
Highly durable
Less operational and maintenance cost

Technical Specification:

ModelHP & TypeWorking pressureCompressorPipe Size in
Max Pumping
kg/cm³rpmAir pipeWater pipeFeet
MBC 10 EC1.0hp, Mono7 to 914401632100 to 200
MBC 15 EC1.5hp, Mono7 to 914401632200 to 300
MBC 20 EC2.0hp, Mono7 to 914401632180 to 360
MBC 10 LX1.0hp, Mono7 to 914401632200 to 400
MBC 15 LX1.5hp, Mono7 to 914401632200 to 450
CBW 101.0hp, belt9 to 1014201632200 to 300
CBW 151.5hp, belt9 to 109301632250 to 380
CBW 202.0hp, belt9 to 1012001632300 to 600
CBW 20 DC2.0hp, belt7 to 96301632400 to 600
CBW 303.0hp, belt7 to 95502040400 to 500
CBW 505.0hp, belt7 to 99252050400 to 600
CBW 757.5hp, belt7 to 96902563550 to 700
CBW 10010hp, belt7 to 99202563650 to 820
*Due to continuous R&D for improvements, technical specifications are subject to change without any prior notifications.