Product Installation Details

Warranty Policy :


Manufacturer’s Warranty Policy:

• In the event of any defects noticed within the warranty period mentioned in Warranty Certificate in any of the equipments supplied, the same will be inspected & verified and at the sole discretion of the manufacturer the defective components will be replaced free of cost, provided

• The defective part is returned to the Zonal office/Branch Office/Supplier office/Works (Freight Paid) within 7 days on diagnosing the defect.

• The claim should be made in writing before the defective part is sent to our office/Branch Office/Supplier office/Works.

• We shall examine such part carefully and if it is concluded that the defect is due to faulty material or bad workmanship.

• The decision part which has to be replaced will become the property of the company, which is Columbia Air Technologies, Coimbatore, India.

• Ant transit damage/loss will be on buyer’s account. The company will not be liable for any loss or damage or any effect of an accident, misuse or negligence or resulting from improper handling

• The benefits of this warranty are to the first owner / commercial user and cannot be transferred.

• We do not extend any warranty for Electricals, Electronics, and Moving and Non moving Mechanical parts (Since the original manufacturing does not extend any warranty). The Company will take up with the manufacturers such compliant / defects / bad workmanship or materials and the decision of the manufacturer will be conveyed to the customer.

• We do not stand warranty for defects due to wear & tear, accident, improper handling / settings, misuse(including the use of dirty or unsuitable oil, water, rubber parts) or negligence of maintenance etc.,

• We do not stand warranty for spare parts replaced by third parties or the customer.

• This warranty stands void if the equipment is serviced by any personnel other than the authorized Service providers of the company.

• We do not stand warranty for any force major damages.

If the equipment is opened (except for routine maintenance as mentioned in the manual) during the period of warranty, without the written authorization from the manufacturer, the warranty will cease to exist.

There are no express warranties implied whether written or oral other than the printed warranty herein and is limited to the period mentioned in Warranty Certificate.

In no event shall Columbia Air Technologies or its Dealers / Distributors / OEM / Stockiest be liable for incidental or consequential damages of any nature whatsoever, including commercial loss or loss in profits.

Special extended (+6months or 1080hours) whichever is earlier, warranty only for Compressor Top Block.